The road to recovery and participation


Everyone involved in local sport and physical activity has faced the same challenges as society when dealing with a global pandemic. Clubs have had to adhere to restrictions, adapt to guidance, actively engage virtually with members, stay financially viable, adapt delivery methods, provide safe environments with CV-19 compliance, recognise the importance of public health and look to recover when permitted.

During the past twelve months I’ve held countless virtual meetings with club volunteers, who I must admit have adapted to the difficulties of the situation amazingly and ensured the sustainability of their clubs and sport within our District. They really are such a valuable asset to our sector and community.

We all welcomed the Prime Ministers recent announcement regarding the roadmap and the scheduled return of grassroots sport, the opening of gyms and leisure facilities and the gradual easing of restrictions. Most people that I have spoken to in the past month have welcomed the news but naturally there is still an air of caution, and the realisation that the virus won’t just disappear overnight. The positive news is that we can all return to some level of active delivery, but obviously must do so within required guidelines from the Government, Public Health and the governing bodies of sport. We all still have a responsibility to ensure that sport and the environment we deliver in is safe for all participants, coaches and volunteers.

The offer of support on any aspect of recovery and the guidelines is always there for any club, but as a guide the following five point plan is a good place to start;

  1. Make sure you have completed a CV-19 specific risk assessment and a competent CV-19 officer is appointed within your club.
  2. Comply with social distancing guidelines for both participants and others in public settings.
  3. Take the time to read and fully understand the guidance from your sport and government. Ensure everyone involved in the club is aware of their responsibilities.
  4. Ensure your insurance policy allows you to deliver effectively.
  5. You MUST ask the landowners permission before you start any delivery.

If we all adhere to the guidance to help reduce the risk and control the spread of the virus; hopefully, we can ALL get back to doing what we enjoy most, enjoying sport and the social, physical and mental benefits that it brings.

Stay safe, fit and well!


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