Local Football Facilities Plan (LFFP)

Every local authority area in England has a LFFP to enable investment in football facilities to be accurately targeted.

The purpose of a LFFP is to identify the priority projects for potential investment in your local area. The FA alongside the Premier League and Sport England (on behalf of the Government) have created all LFFP’s.

LFFP’s will:

  • Set a 10 year vision to transform local football facilities
  •  Identify priority projects for potential investment
  • Act as an investment portfolio for projects that require funding
  • Be updated on a regular basis

As the nation’s most popular team sport, football has the power to contribute positively to vital social outcomes and health priorities.

£1.3 billion has been spent by football and Government since 2000 to enhance existing facilities and build new ones.

Nationally, direct investment will be increased – initially to £69 million per annum from football and Government (a 15% increase on recent years). Locally, the work has already started and LFFP’s will guide the allocation of 90% of national funds and forge stronger partnerships with local stakeholders to develop key sites.

Whilst a LFFP identifies priority projects for potential investment, it does not guarantee the success of future funding applications. Each project must still follow an application process to show how it will deliver key participation outcomes, become a quality & sustainable facility and demonstrate suitable match-funding. When each project is in a position to proceed, the Football Foundation will determine a suitable time-frame to submit a grant application and pre-application support will be provided by the North Riding County FA, Scarborough Borough Council and the Football Foundation.

Scarborough Borough Local Football Facilities Plan

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